Wisconsin Film Festival Guide: Equal parts inspiration and heartbreak, Schneider charts the life and career of the amazing Charlotte Kainz, a “small-town girl” who grows up among the racers and pit mechanics at a rural Wisconsin motorcycle track. Developing a taste for speed and a talent for Flat Track racing at age four, young Charlotte puts the pedal to the metal and never looks back. Shot over the course of 17 years, this intimate and engaging documentary is an all-encompassing portrait of a fearless young woman with an innate desire and knack for competing and succeeding in a sport very few women, much less young girls, ever thought to compete in. Charlotte’s story of triumph and tragedy (she lost her life in a racing accident at age 20) is told through a rich tapestry of personal archives, interviews with family and friends, fellow competitors, and the supportive community that is the Aztalan Cycle Club, the Wisconsin track where Charlotte learned to race. – Ben Reiser


Written and Directed by Wendy Schneider